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Harvard Design Magazine
Editor in ChiefJennifer Sigler
Creative Direction & DesignJiminie Ha & Fahad Al-Hunaif, With Projects, Inc.
CategoriesArchitecture and Design Magazine
PublisherHarvard University Graduate School of Design
FounderWilliam S. Saunders, Nancy Levinson
Year founded1997
CountryUnited States
Based inCambridge, Massachusetts

Harvard Design Magazine (ISSN 1093-4421) is a biannual publication of the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. It is indexed by the standard subject bibliographies, including Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals, Bibliography of the History of Art, and Artbibliographies Modern. Harvard Design Magazine is a registered nonprofit organization.

Harvard Design Magazine was founded in 1997 by former editors William S. Saunders and Nancy Levinson, who co-edited the magazine until 2001. Since 2013, Jennifer Sigler has been Editor in Chief, working in close collaboration with Leah Whitman-Salkin, Deputy Editor, Meghan Ryan Sandberg, Production Manager, and a faculty advisory board including Dean Mohsen Mostafavi.

Relaunched in summer 2014, Harvard Design Magazine goes beyond the established design disciplines in an attempt to enrich and diversify current discourse, and to explore the role of design in culture.

Past Issues[edit]

Harvard Design Magazine has been published since 1997. Its past issues, as listed below, are available for sale.

Number 45: "Into the Woods" (S/S 2018)

Number 44: "Seventeen" (F/W 2017)

Number 43: "Shelf Life" (F/W 2016)

Number 42: "Run for Cover!" (S/S 2016)

Number 41: "Family Planning" (F/W 2015)

Number 40: "Well, Well, Well" (S/S 2015)

Number 39: "Wet Matter" (F/W 2014)

Number 38: "Do You Read Me?" (S/S 2014)

Number 37: "Urbanism Core?" (Winter 2014)

Number 36: "Landscape Architecture's Core?" (S/S 2013)

Number 35: "Architecture's Core?" (F/W 2012)

Number 34: "Architectures of Latin America" (F/W 2011)

Number 33: "Design Practices Now, Vol. II" (F/W 2010)

Number 32: "Design Practices Now, Vol. I" (S/S 2010)

Number 31: "(Sustainability) + Pleasure, Vol. II: Landscapes, Urbanism, and Products" (F/W 2009)

Number 30: "(Sustainability) + Pleasure, Vol. I: Culture and Architecture" (S/S 2009)

Number 29: "What About Inside?" (F/W 2008)

Number 28: "Can Designers Improve Life in Non-Formal Cities?" (S/S 2008)

Number 27: "Open Mike" (F/W 2007)

Number 26: "New Skyscrapers in Megacities on a Warming Globe" (S/S 2007)

Number 25: "Urban Design Now" (F/W 2006)

Number 24: "The Origins and Evolution of 'Urban Design', 1956-2006" (S/S 2006)

Number 23: "Regeneration: Design as Dialogue, Building as Transformation" (F/W 2005)

Number 22: "Urban Planning Now: What Works, What Doesn't?" (S/S 2005)

Number 21: "Rising Ambitions, Expanding Terrain: Realism and Utopianism" (F/W 2004)

Number 20: "Stocktaking 2004: Nine Questions about the Present and Future of Design" (S/S 2004)

Number 19: "Architecture as Conceptual Art? Blurring Disciplinary Boundaries" (F/W 2003)

Number 18: "Building Nature's Ruin?: Realities, Illusions, and Efficacy of Nature-Sustaining Design" (S/S 2003)

Number 17: "Design, Inc.: Commodification, Collaboration, and Resistance" (F/W 2002)

Number 16: "HARD/soft, Cool/WARM... Gender in Design, plus Classic Books part II" (S/S 2002)

Number 15: "Five Houses, plus American Scenes" (F/W 2001)

Number 14: "What Makes a Work Canonical?" (S/S 2001)

Number 13: "East of Berlin: Postcommunist Cities Now" (S/S 2001)

Number 12: "Sprawl and Spectacle" (Fall 2000)

Number 11: "Design and Class" (Summer 2000)

Number 10: "What is Nature Now?" (Spring 2000)

Number 09: "Constructions of Memory: On Monuments Old and New" (Fall 1999)

Number 08: "Housing and Community" (Summer 1999)

Number 07: "Conflicting Values" (Spring 1999)

Number 06: "Representations/Misrepresentations and Revaluations of Classic Books" (Fall 1998)

Number 05: "Design, Arts, and Architecture" (Summer 1998)

Number 04: "Popular Places, plus Books on Cities and Urbanism" (Spring 1998)

Number 03: "Durability and Ephemerality, plus Books on History and Theory" (Fall 1997)

Number 02: "Look Again: Recognizing Neglected Design" (Summer 1997)

Number 01: "Changing Cities plus the New Urbanism, Gender and Design" (Spring 1997)


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