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Jakku-Starship Graveyard-The Force Awakens (2015).png
Starship Graveyard on Jakku, with the Millennium Falcon and a TIE fighter, from The Force Awakens (2015)
Star Wars location
Created by
GenreScience fiction
TypeDesert planet
Notable locations
  • Tuanul Village
  • Niima Outpost
First appearanceStar Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Jakku is a fictional desert planet first featured in the 2015 Star Wars film The Force Awakens. Remote, lawless, and inhospitable, it is the homeworld of main character Rey, played by Daisy Ridley. The film focuses on two distinct localities, Tuanul Village and Niima Outpost, near a starship graveyard.

The planet is also depicted in the 2017 Chuck Wendig novel, Star Wars: Aftermath: Empire's End.



Jakku is a setting in the 2015 Star Wars film The Force Awakens,[1] and its novelization.[2][3] The homeworld of main character Rey, it is a harsh and inhospitable desert planet on the outskirts of the galaxy.[4] In the film, Resistance X-wing fighter pilot Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) comes to Jakku seeking vital information held by explorer Lor San Tekka (Max von Sydow).[5] Poe is captured by the First Order but leaves the data behind with his astromech droid BB-8. He escapes with the help of turncoat stormtrooper Finn (John Boyega), but Poe is presumed dead when their ship crashes in the desert. Meanwhile, BB-8 has befriended local scavenger Rey (Ridley); pursued by the First Order, she and Finn flee Jakku with the droid aboard the Millennium Falcon.

The planet was first seen in the 88-second The Force Awakens teaser trailer released by Lucasfilm in November 2014.[6][7][8] The Force Awakens writer/director J. J. Abrams first mentioned its name at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California in April 2015, identifying Jakku as the setting in the trailers and revealing that it is where the character Rey lives.[6]

The scenes on Jakku were filmed in the Rub al Khali desert near Abu Dhabi.[9][10]


Claudia Gray's 2015 novel Lost Stars depicts some of the Battle of Jakku, the final confrontation between the forces of the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance over the planet, that showered starship wreckage down onto the surface.[6] The 2015 reference book Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary by Pablo Hidalgo establishes that this battle occurs one year and four days after the Battle of Endor depicted in Return of the Jedi, and proves to be the last major stand of the Empire and last major battle of the Galactic Civil War. Twenty-nine years later, around the time of The Force Awakens, the debris field in the desert is called the Starship Graveyard.[11]

Rey's Survival Guide (2015) by Jason Fry is a first-person account from Rey's perspective about herself and Jakku.[12]

Much of the 2017 Chuck Wendig novel Star Wars: Aftermath: Empire's End is set on Jakku, leading up to and including the climactic final battle between the Empire and the New Republic.[13][14][15]

Jakku appears or is mentioned in multiple other works, including Wendig's novels Aftermath (2015) and Aftermath: Life Debt (2016), The Weapon of a Jedi (2015) by Jason Fry, and the 2015 short stories "High Noon on Jakku" (2015) and "All Creatures Great and Small" by Landry Q. Walker.[6]

Other media and merchandising[edit]

The 2015 action shooter video game Star Wars Battlefront features downloadable content (DLC) titled Battle of Jakku,[16][17] which includes two maps set on the planet.[18] Jakku is also a location in the Lego-themed 2016 action-adventure video game Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens.[19]

The planet is featured in a Lego Star Wars playset called Encounter on Jakku.[20][21]


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